For the person who has inspired me, who has made me experience what love is; this letter was thought about and constructed for you. I am sharing this openly and wholeheartedly—to the obscured, the indifferent, the satisfied—in vying justice for intentions in the shadow, to expose feelings from fears of the unknown. In the vague […]

In the hunt for freedom of speech, society has intertwined arrays of aggressive behavior to self-expression. What lies beneath our emotional closets is a tool utilized with comfort, acting as our freedom wall: the Internet. As a web-enabled generation, the youth has turned the digital world as a platform to abuse power, vent rages, and […]

Art refers to a diverse range of human activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing to the senses or emotions of a human individual. It is most often used to refer to the visual arts, such as painting, sculpture, and printmaking. However, it can also be applied to forms that stimulate the other senses, such […]

It is always a sunny opportunity to see a tree surrounded with ample leaves developing and turning green and healthy, but some do not survive easily, thus turning yellow and eventually, dying. For the key to long-lasting leaves is a strong and carefully-nourished branch, some branches get torn down, some are not probably taken care […]

  A tree is planted for due reasons—wanting it to grow, witnessing its slow yet impressive development, but most of all, realizing that it bears healthy and benefiting fruits. But a tree is not able to grow on its own—no matter how tall, sturdy, and fruitful it has been expected to be. It cannot grow […]

They say a tree that is able to withstand the mightiest climates and the most disastrous weathers is more than just a strong tree; it is a tree carefully nourished and sturdily settled on the ground that is meant to stay erect until chopped down. With the various forces of nature, it cannot be avoided […]

Ever since I was young, I wandered the world with a bird’s eye—observant and keen. But as I progressed to the latter stages of my life, I was developed with an eagle’s eye, adding touches of sharpness and cleverness. For the journeys that have shaped the vibrance of myself, some pieces of my dark roots […]

I was not at all startled to have realized that “my world” I now possess has been shaped by a foundation I have been nurtured with—my juvenescence. But among youthful escapades, it was genetics and ancestral influence that have developed the being in me—my roots. Strong and mild: legacies of Catholic ideologies I have always […]

It’s the “crookedest street” in the world, as generally conveyed by many, due to its twisting and winding downhill block that leers off anyone’s sight with awe and inquisitiveness. San Francisco’s amusingly steep and diverting brick-lined road of the Lombard Street paves way to thousands of enthusiastic visitors annually—a typical road for exigent drivers challenged […]

Pier 39 is just located at the edge of the Fisherman’s Wharf district, flourishing with bountiful stores, arcades, restaurants, and vigorous street performances, spewing from mornings to evenings. Tranquilizing breezy atmosphere from the bay, lustrous sunlight effects, and merry crowds of people are what invites and delights prospective visitors of the extravagant oasis of never-ending […]


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